What qualities differentiate Rabbi Davis from other Jewish officiants who perform interfaith weddings?

Rabbi Davis’s experience as a psychologist and rabbi enable him to alleviate any familial friction from interfaith marriages. He understands how to sensitively manage the emotions involved between couples and their families who care care deeply about their faith. Some of the differentiating services Rabbi Davis provides include the following:

  • Co-officiate with other clergy
  • Officiating in a church
  • Officiating on Friday Night or Saturday afternoon
  • Performing non-religious and non-traditional wedding ceremonies
  • Renewing wedding vows
  • Traveling to your ceremony

If a ceremony takes place in a church or a mosque, Rabbi Davis requests that the ceremony will be solemnized in the name of God only.

Does Rabbi Davis exclusively perform interfaith ceremonies for heterosexual couples? Will he wed an LGBT couple?

Rabbi Davis’s modern interpretation of Jewish teachings makes him an open-minded person, and this partly explains his emphasis on interfaith marriages. He will also officiate mixed marriages, non-denominational unions, and same-sex commitment ceremonies for couples who want an ordained rabbi.

How will he manage the logistics of a wedding from Kansas City when the ceremony takes place out of town? Where has he traveled to officiate weddings?

Managing the logistics requires interviewing couples months prior to the wedding’s commencement. He will gladly speak with the prospective bride and groom via Skype or on the phone. Rabbi Davis travels all over the country to preside over weddings. Some locations he’s traveled to include Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Washington D.C.

He will also travel to officiate destination weddings that will take place overseas.

How does he manage interfaith marriages within the Kansas City metropolitan area?

Local weddings enable Rabbi Davis to meet with the two fiances in person. He requests they meet at a home.

What does Rabbi Davis want to learn about each couple during their first meeting?

During the first meeting, the Rabbi will spend time learning about each couple. He will ask questions to gather information regarding each couples needs and desires. Do not worry about coming up with clear answers to each question at this initial stage. The objective is to bring is to get couples thinking about what their ideal wedding ceremony will look like.

How can Rabbi Davis’s background as a psychologist help a couple enhance their relationship?

Each couple must express their expectations of one another and of marriage itself. His Expectation Program enables couples to explore the values and beliefs of one another. This program’s purpose is to ensure a long-term commitment by having couples demonstrate their compatibility. Please know that Rabbi Davis does not require participation in the Expectations Program. The services provided will be tailored to the needs of each couple.